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Learn * Apply * Measure * Adjust
  • Enhance Leader's Skillset
  • Business knowledge and insights that help your business grow
  • Quality audits to determine gaps
  • Training and support to equip your team with vision
  • Quality process and measurement tools
  • Analysis skills
  • Business plan and long term strategy 

Eritis Services focus -empower YOU


Eritis Services, led by Denise Jackson, has equipped entrepreneurs and companies for growth since 2012.  Denise brings 30+ years of experience at the cutting edge of technology business, in the trenches, implementing business and IT solutions worldwide,  building HR process and training, empowering leadership teams, developing repeatable, measurable quality business and technical process. and leading growth in global and local implementation teams. 


Denise is passionate about supporting entrepreneur vision, building teams and and closing the gaps that cause companies to stumble.

  • Owner/Executive

    • Analyze Your Leadership Style

    • Develop Vision Statement

    • Establish Business Goals

    • Build Project Plan

    • Establish Metrics

    • Review, Adjust, Grow

  • Customer Facing Team

    • Value Proposition

    • Ideal Customer

    • Baseline - Measure

    • Personal Growth Plan

    • Practice Productivity

    • Benchmark - Measure


​A customized audit based on the size and scope of your business will review the following and provide you with information needed to set a course to growth:

  • Onboarding

  • People Skills

  • Customer Facing Processes

  • Back Office Processes

  • Tools Effectiveness

  • Brand Effectiveness

  • Social Presence

  • Risks and Gaps

  • Opportunities

  • Leadership Training

    • Strategic Planning

    • Business Planning

  • Quality Process

    • ISO

    • ITIL

    • SixSigma

  • Internal Audit

  • Customer Service Training

    • Customer Service

    • Sales

    • Pipeline Management

  • Technical Training

    • Quickbooks Online​

    • Web Site Administration

    • Spreadsheet

    • Word Processing

    • Publishing

    • Social Media Presence

    • Data Capture/Analysis

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