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Setting Up Employees for Success

Just as plants need a environment to succeed, employees will thrive when employers establish an environment designed for success.

  • Prepare the ground before hiring

  • Amend the environment as needed

  • Water and feed with skill and vision

  • Reap the harvest for all

Prepare the Ground

  1. Write clear job descriptions and necessary skillsets for success

  2. Develop on-board training program to polish required skills and process

  3. Establish measures that will be reviewed for success

  4. Set times for reviewing and modifying individual plans

  5. Create avenues for growth

Amend the Environment

  1. Train with a view to Delight Customers

  2. Document the process

  3. Explain success measurement criteria

  4. Baseline and Benchmark individually

  5. Provide practice opportunities

Water and Feed

  1. Reward quality and innovation

  2. Water encouragement

  3. Feed with new skills training

  4. Feed with individual coaching

  5. Water with clear vision


Good employees enrich a business with harvest beyond expectations. Customer loyalty grows, innovation expands, quality grows. Be fearless in feeding knowledge, skills and encouragement into every employee. Some will leave for new opportunities and will bless your business with connections and praise.

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